ACREB would like to help you, help us! That is why we are offering $500 cash for your referrals!

This is how it works:

Step 1: Find homeowners with financial or real estate problems

Step 2: Let’s all get together to present them creative solutions

Step 3: We buy their house cash in “as is” conditions

Step 4: You collect $500 CASH for your help!

It’s that simple!  The best thing is that you can become a homeowner referral specialist and do this process over and over collecting your $500 fees every single time!

Just tell all the people you know and the new people you meet, what you are doing and get us all the referrals you can get.  Together we will follow the entire process, so that you don’t miss out in any of the opportunities you bring us.  This could be your “part-time” career since all you need is talk to people and introduce them to us.

Become a Homeowner Referral Specialist and together we can improve our neighborhoods, while helping families out of distressed situations, one house at a time.

To learn more call us at 857-574-0404 or send us an email on the contact page

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